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About - FAQ

About - FAQ

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Inter-Library Loan    


What is an Inter-library Loan?
It is a process to obtain materials which are not available in Taylor’s Library collection. Materials are obtained from libraries in Malaysia (with Sistem Pembekalan Penerbitan membership) as well as foreign institution by way of inter-library loan schemes.

Q2. Who are eligible for Inter library loan?
  • Post-graduate
  • Academic Staff of Taylor’s University and Taylor’s College


How do I submit a request?
Prior to submitting a request, it is important to check the Library’s resources using MulT-search to ensure that the required item is not held at the Taylor’s Library’s collection. 

For submission: Fill up the form found on the ‘Inter library loan’ page under the ‘Services’ tab or you may find it from e-Forms tab at the bottom of the Homepage and complete all the required fields. Requests will not be processed without all the required information.


What is the loan period?
Loan periods vary depending on the policy of the supplying Library. Generally the loan period is between 2 – 4 weeks.


How long will the delivery take?
Processing the request and delivery of books by the supplying library may take 1-2 weeks depending on the shipping methods.  


Where do I return the borrowed material?
All inter library loan item must be returned to the Lending Services Desk at Taylor's Library.  


Can I request for renewal?
Yes. Any request for renewal should be sent via email to interlibrary@taylors.edu.my a week before the due date.

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