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Facilities - Computer / Mac Labs

Facilities - Computer / Mac Labs

Library computers may be used on a first-come-first-served basis until half an hour before the library closes.

All library computers have Internet access, as well as Microsoft Office, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Illustrator 2020, Adobe After Effect 2020, Adobe Animate and QuickTime  Player 10.5.

Computer Lab
Mac Lab

Please note:

  • Users are not allowed to change settings, install software, save files onto the hard disk. Please use the X: drive space provided or your own portable storage device, e.g. thumb drive to save files.
  • Users should not:
  1. play computer games,
  2. access pornographic material,
  3. use chat lines,
  4. use personal copies of CD-ROMs or multimedia CDs on library computers.
  • Please report faulty equipment to library staff immediately and do not try rectifying faults as it may result in further damage to the equipment.
  • Need help and support for below services?
    Alternatively, contact us via phone
    For Taylor’s library, Call the 03-5629 5000, ext 8000, 8001 using the phone fixed on the wall located at Level 3 (near the female washroom), Level 4 (in front of 4.7) and Study Room@ Taylor’s (near to Book Drop)
    Or Approach ICT Helpdesk
    Taylor’s University ICT Service Desk : Block A Level 2
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