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24/7 Study Room Policy  
  • 24/7 Study Room users shall keep the noise level to a minimum and shall not disrupt other users of the room.
  • Outsiders are not allowed in 24/7 Study Room and students should not bring in their friends who are not Taylor’s students.
  • Student are require to tap their student ID to enter the room after 600pm till 7am and during weekend
  • Do not re-arrange furniture in 24/7 Study Room.
  • Food, drinks in unsealed cups and alcoholic drinks are not permitted inside 24/7 Study Room.
  • Doing projects, playing games/card/gambling or non-academic activity in 24/7 Study Room are prohibited.
  • Any person who causes disturbance in 24/7 Study Room or who refuses to abide by library rules may be directed by library staff or security personnel to leave the study room.
  • 24/7 Study Room is under camera surveillance.
  • Strictly no pet allowed in the library.