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Study Room@ Taylor’s Policy  
  • Study Room@ Taylor’s is designated as a Silent study room.
  • Outsiders are strictly not allowed in the Study Room. Students are required to scan their student ID to enter the room after 6.00pm till 7.00am and during weekend.
  • Air-conditioning and lights will be switch off at 12.00am on normal operation hours and at 2.00am during exam period.
  • Re-arrangement of furniture in the Study Room is strictly prohibited.
  • Alcoholic drinks are not permitted.
  • Users of Study Room should not consume food or have beverages in uncovered containers.
  • Preparing for projects, playing games/card/gambling or non-academic activity is prohibited.
  • Failure to comply with library policies, rules and regulations will be grounds for suspension of Study Room privileges. A student will be directed by library staff or security personnel to leave the Study Room.
  • The Study Room is monitored by camera surveillance.
  • Strictly no pets are allowed.