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A. Library User Guides

Not familiar with how to look for materials from the Taylor’s Library website? Here are some step-by-step guides that may assists the Academics to look for materials from Taylor’s Catalogue, MulT-Search and guides on citation and referencing.

B. Reference materials

Submit Module Information (MI) references
You may submit the reference materials listed in the Module Information to your school’s Liaison Librarian each time a Module Information has been updated. This is to enable the librarian to update the Reading List/Book List if there are any changes.

New Book Requisition
Requisition of new books should be submitted sufficiently early, preferably 6 months prior to commencement of the next study intake as to ensure that the books will be available before the commencement date. Timeline to process Urgent titles is 30 days and Research titles is 20 days (subjected to availability of the items in the market)

Teaching Resources
These are Teaching Aids and/or materials accompanying text books that are accessible only by Lecturers.

For more info contact your liaison librarian.

C. New Module
When a new programme/ new module is introduced, it is advisable that the Lecturers notify their school liaison librarian at least 6 months prior to the commencement of the first intake.

Why you need to inform the Library?
This is to ensure the resources are available before the commencement date.

D. Request a Purchase

Why Recommend a Resource?

  • It is important for the library to be equipped with the latest books that are related to the teaching and learning of the students.
  • To ensure current and relevant resources are available for students to prepare for exams / assignments.

For further enquiries, contact acqlib@taylors.edu.my.

If you would like to suggest a resource for the library collection, please submit your request by following the instructions below:

1. Request by Staff & Postgraduate Students:

Step 1: To download, save, complete the appropriate Request Form.

Step 2: To acquire approval
           Taylor’s University Staff to obtain approval by HOS/Dean via email.
           Taylor’s College Staff to obtain approval by HOD/Principal via email.
            Postgraduate Students to obtain a Supervisor’s recommendation via email.

Step 3: Forward the approved/recommended email together with the Request Form to the email below:

Download Request Form
Book & Media Resources
Periodical, Online Databases and E- Journal

2. Suggestions by Students:
Step 1: Fill in the form below.
Step 2: Click on submit button.

To be filled by the Student (*Marked fields are mandatory).

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