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Resources - Print & Media Resources

Resources - Print & Media Resources

A. Main Collection
Main collection forms the major part of the print resources and consists of items to support the College and University undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, learning and research.

B. Reference Collection
Reference Collection consists of items that are usually consulted for facts and figures, e.g. Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Atlases and Dictionaries. These items cannot be taken out of the library. Reference items are indicated by an 'R' on top of the call number at the spine.

C. Reserve Collection
This is a collection of heavily-used items which have been set aside to ensure equal access to high-demand materials such as text books, items on reading lists and lecture notes. Reserve items are identified by a sticker with ‘7 days loans no renewal no holds’.

D. Graduate Collection
This Collection includes books that are specially selected to support the Postgraduate courses. Graduate Collection books can be identified by the blue sticker with alphabet ‘GC’ on the spine of the book. Graduate students and lecturers are eligible to borrow these books.

G. Malaysiana Collection
This is a collection consisting of books written by Malaysian authors, and on Malaysia’s historical, economics, political, social and cultural aspects as well as its development.

H. Teaching Resource
This collection includes books, workbooks and multimedia materials that are for the use of teachers only. These materials are shelved separately. Refer to Lending Services Desk for assistance.

I. Print journals
Current journals are displayed at the New Journal shelves. Back issues may be requested at the Lending Services desk for use in the library.

J. Bound journals
Bound Journals are compilations of loose journals and are located at the External Storage. Users may request for items using ‘Request External Storage Item’ for use within the library only.

K. External Storage
The Taylor’s Library’s External Storage is a closed access collection which houses library materials which are currently not in high demand. Materials are held in the External storage to release space for new acquisitions on the open shelves. Readers can request materials from External Storage from any of the Taylor’s libraries. The requested material may be picked up at the respective Lending Services Desks.

L. Audio Visual / Multimedia
DVDs, CDs, VCDs and Videos are available for borrowing. There are 2 types of AV materials; Materials accompanying textbooks (DVDs, CDs, and VCDs) and Stand-alone (DVDs, CDs, VCDs). Accompanying materials may be borrowed together with books for a period of 2 weeks, while stand-alone materials may be checked out for 4 hours to be used in the library. These AV materials are kept in closed access and may be requested from Lending Services Desk.


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