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Document Delivery Services
To provide Delivery Services for resources from other libraries.

Inter-Library Loan
Resource Sharing from other libraries for books not available in Taylor's Library Collection.

Intra-Library Loan
To provide delivery services for lending of resources within Taylor’s Library and Taylor’s Clinical School Library.

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To provide feedback on our services and facilities.

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For help on information in your subject area, information literacy classes and collection development.

Centre for Higher Degree by Research
Sharifah Aqeela Syed Omor Junid

Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Business and Law
Taylor's Business School

Nik Nurul Asyikin Nik Hassan

Taylor's Law School
Mohd Harith Abdul Halim

Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences & School of Media and Communication
Mohd Harith Abdul Halim

School of Education 
Nur Liyana Mahamad

School of Food Studies and Gastronomy & School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events
Sharifah Aqeela Syed Omor Junid

Science and Technology

Faculty of Innovation and Technology
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Nur Liyana Mahamad

School of Architecture, Building and Design
& The Design School

Fauziatul Alma Abdul Rahman

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
School of Biosciences, School of Pharmacy School of Medicine
Nur Liyana Mahamad

Taylor's College
School of Pre-University Studies
School of Professional Studies
Languages Programme (ELC)

Fauziatul Alma Abdul Rahman

Head LibrarianLeenawati Razali
Lending ServicesWilmina Lee
Information Services & Collection DevelopmentFauziatul Alma Abdul Rahman