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About - FAQ

About - FAQ

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Remote Access    


How do I access the library resources off-campus?
Go to library homepage. If the page requires you to login to an account, login by using your Taylor’s PC login username and password.


Who can access online resources off-campus?
All registered staff and current students are eligible to access most Library online resources off-campus.


What is my login username and password?
Your login username and password are the same login ID and password that you use to access the computers in the labs or library.


How do I locate the remote access passwords for Online Databases?
Step 1: Go to library website https://taylorslibrary.taylors.edu.my/
Step 2: Go to “Resources” then choose “Online Databases”
Step 3: Click on the link at the “Note: * Please go to this link for the username and password”.
Step 4: Choose from the list on the respective databases


What resources can I access off-campus?
You may access various online databases, electronic journals and electronic books off-campus.


How am I able to access some electronic journals without logging in?
Some full text electronic journals are free, as such they do not require a login.


Why can’t I access all the Library databases and full text journals off-campus?
Some resources cannot be accessed off-campus because the vendor / publisher does not permit off-campus access. If a resource you need is not available for off-campus access, please email libraryenquiry@taylors.edu.my. We will check the status of its off-campus availability.

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