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About - FAQ

About - FAQ

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Research & Resources    


Does the library have copies of all the text books?
The library has copies of all text books listed in the Reading List given by your School. The textbooks are available in the Main Collection and Reserve Collection sections.


Where do I find a list of text books that are required for my class?
The text book list is available in Library Catalogue Homepage. It will be listed under each programme and module in the Course Reserves Module You are able to search for your list of text book by keying in your module name, module codes or programme in the search box provided.


Does the library have workshops or classes about using library resources?
Yes, the library does conduct classes on how to use and navigate the Library Catalogue and Online Databases. Students can ask their lecturer to contact any of the Librarians to schedule a class for them.


How can I access online journals?
The online journal can be accessed from the Taylor’s Library Website via this link https://taylorslibrary.taylors.edu.my/resources/e_journals


How do I find newspaper articles?
Newspaper articles can be accessed from the Taylor’s Library Website via this link http://taylorslibrary.taylors.edu.my/resources/online_newspapers


Can I use Google Scholar to find full text articles?
Google Scholar is used to find information on research topics from scholarly literature. You can search Google Scholar just as you would search regular Google, but you may find simple keywords searches to be insufficient for your quest to find journal articles that fit your topic, thesis, or research question.

Google Scholar allows advanced search options to modify your search. However, you would not have as many search limiting options as you would get in a traditional library database.


How can I get help with citations?
You can always get help with the citations by either visiting our "Tutorial & Guides" page under User Skills menu tab in Taylor’s Library Homepage or by approaching the Information Services Desk. You may contact the respective Liaison Librarians for comprehensive citation guideline.


Is there a librarian who covers my discipline? How can I contact him/her?
Yes, there is a Librarian who specifically covers your discipline. Search the Liaison Librarian’s name in the Library Website under the Library Service Contact.

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