Resources - e-Repository
Taylor’s e-Repository is a service of the Taylor’s Libraries to collect, manage, preserve and make accessible the intellectual output of the Taylor’s University staff and students which are scholarly and heritage in nature in a variety of digital formats. The intellectual output includes the following:

A. Artwork
An illustrative and decorative element, such as drawings, pictures, sculptures.  It can be for designing covers, posters, designing for advertising and other types of designs or decorative arts created by Taylorians.

B. Awards & Recognition (Accolades)   
An award or honour, ceremonial embraces, as of greetings/salutations which add recognition to the institution and the individual/team.

C. Annual Publication
Relevant articles selected from various sources published annually are published authored/co-authored by Taylorians.

D. Conference Paper
It is the text presented in Conferences. Selected papers authored by Taylorians.

E. Dissertation and Thesis
This includes postgraduate and doctoral thesis and selected final year projects by undergraduates.

F. Exam Papers
Past year exam papers given by selected Schools (School of Communication, Taylor’s Law School and School of Education)  are made available.

G. Interview
The link is provided for the interviews conducted by radio/television on members of Taylor’s Senior Management.

H. Journal Article
Relevant  articles published in journals authoried/co-authored by Taylorians.

I. Newsletter
A periodically published work containing news and announcements published within Taylor’s.

J. Newspaper Article
A news or written articles of either current or general interest published in daily newspapers, trade magazines, newsletters or websites about Taylor's.

K. Photograph
Photographs of important events for remembrance pertaining to Taylor’s.

L. Research Abstracts  
Abstracts of articles published by Taylorians.

M. Speeches
It is an audio visual recording of a talk or address delivered to an audience by Taylorians.

N. Academic Profiles
Profile of teaching staff on their academic achievements, honours, awards, papers presented and other related matters.

O. Multimedia
The combined use of several media, as sound and video in a computer application for education purpose created by Taylorians.
Submission of resources to be published in the e-Repository must have the prior approval of the authorized personnel and emailed to