Services - Intra-Library Loan

Taylor’s University student may use and borrow (within their loan entitlement quota) from Taylor’s Clinical School Library.
Requesting an Intra Library Loan
Use the Taylor’s Catalogue to find the book you wanted. 
Fill up the form :
Requestor Details
Requestor Details :

Resource Details :

Resource Details
Availability and pick up
Item requested will be available within three to five working days at your campus library.

Once the book has arrived at your preferred location, you will receive a notification via your Taylor’s registered email. Pick-up the items at the Lending Services desk at Taylor’s Library or at the Lending and Information Services desk at Taylor’s Clinical School.

Returning Intra-library Loan items
The Intra-library loans can be returned at any of the Taylor’s Libraries.
You may also personally visit any of the Taylor’s Libraries to borrow the item directly using your valid student ID.

Intra-library Loan Guidelines
Intra-library loans service is available with a valid Taylor’s ID card.
  • There is no charge for Inter campus loan service.
  • Staff and students have to login to ‘My Library account’ in the library website to request for intra-library loan.
  • Requests must be submitted through the Intra-library Loan request form available on the library website.
  • Before submitting the request, ensure that the item is not held in requestor’s campus library by checking in Taylor’s Catalogue.
  • There is no limit to the number of requests, but it should be within the borrowing quota.
  • It will take 5 working days to obtain requested items from other Taylor’s libraries.
  • Staff and students will be notified by Taylor’s registered email when requested items arrive.
  • The items will be held for five working days for pick up.
  • The items must be picked up at the Lending Services desk or Lending and Information Services desk (Taylor’s Clinical School) during weekday between 9am and 6pm & 8.30am – 5.00pm (TCS Library) and checked out at the self-service loans or at the desk.
  • If an item is needed for a longer period, the same policy on renewal for all Taylor’s Library loans will be applicable.
  • Loans returned late are subjected to the same penalties as all Taylor’s Library loans.
Taylor’s Library may cancel any requests if you have lost your borrowing privileges due to overdue items or incurred fines.

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