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About - FAQ

About - FAQ

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2 Borrowing, Renewing & Reservations 7 Research & Resources
3 Searching Library Resources 8 Remote Access
4 Document Delivery Service 9 Inter-Library Loan
5 Intra-Library Loan    
Searching Library Resources    


How do I find a book/e-book/item that I want?
You can find an item/book/-ebook using the Taylor’s Catalogue which is available at the respective campus. The catalogue contains records of books, print and e-journals, e-books, dissertations, past year exam papers, music, serials, visual materials and restricted-access research papers.

Once you have located the item, note down the call numbers of the titles. You can locate the items using the call number.  Books on the shelf are arranged according to the call number, starting numerically, then alphabetically. (e.g. 610 ARM, 610 BAC, 612 AMI, 612 BEI)

If you are facing difficulties, kindly refer to the following:


How do I find journals or magazine titles?
The Taylor’s Catalogue includes records of all journals and magazine titles subscribed by the Taylor’s Libraries in both print and electronic formats. (Please note that the Catalogue does not include information on the articles within these journals or magazines).

To find a journal in the Catalogue, use one of the following methods:

Go to the Taylor’s Catalogue page, then go to the ‘Refine your search’ section on your left and scroll down to the ‘Item types’ option. Click on the ‘Journal’ for a list of all journals and magazine titles available in print and in electronic format

If you are facing difficulties, kindly refer to the following:


How do I find Audio Visual Materials?
In the Taylor’s Catalogue, set the Search Filters to “Media Resources” for Audio Visual resources, and key in the title, e.g. Forrest Gump.

Please approach the Library staff at the Lending Services Desk at Level 2 and Taylor's Clinical School Library with the identified title & call number. The staff at the desk will retrieve the audio visual materials from the mobile shelves for you. Borrowing of the audio visual materials is only strictly done via these desks.


How do I find dissertations?
Selected Dissertation are accessible in e-Repository which can be accessed via Library Website. Kindly find step by step in accessing the dissertation;

  1. Go to Library website https://taylorslibrary.taylors.edu.my
  2. Go to e-Repository tab in the Home page
  3. Click on e-Repository Collection button
  4. Go to User Login on top of the page
  5. The username is the Student's ID (for students) / Staff Full Name (for staff) and the password is the Computer Login
  6. Click on All Collection tab
  7. Choose Resource Type - Dissertation and Thesis


What is My Library Account?
‘My Library Account’ allows you to see what books you have on loan,  what hold requests you have and what fines (if any) you have on your record.

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