User Skills - Information Literacy

Information Literacy is a class conducted by the School’s respective librarians in order to educate the students, especially those from year 1, on how to search for and effectively use the information and resources available.

The classes are conducted on demand, which means the respective lecturer needs to propose the selected time and date for this session to be conducted. Lecturers must contact the librarian 2-3 weeks ahead to make the necessary arrangements.

Classes offered
The library offers some options of classes that lecturers can choose from:

No.Type of ClassesDuration
Coverage of ClassDescriptionof Class


Route to Resources


  • Basic and Advanced Searching skill.
  • Tools for searching library Resources (Catalogue and Multisearch).

Students will be exposed to the basic and advanced level in searching resources such as books, e-books, DVDs, CDs and other resources available in the library collection.


Down with Databases 1


3-5 Subscribed Databases.

Students will be exposed to specific online database that are related to the subject that they are learning.  Students will also be introduced to use different methods and keywords appropriate to their subject of searching.


Down with Databases 2


1 Database
specific subject eg: Project management.

Students will be exposed to a specific online database and will be trained on navigation and extraction of content from the database.


Research 101


Prerequisite: Route to Resources.

Introduction to 5 Basic Research skills, Keyword Building Skills, Searching Skills, Evaluating Resources (Subscribed and Online) and Plagiarism, Citing and Referencing.

Students will be exposed to the resources available in the library and  perform database searching to assist them in finding articles for their assignments/research. The students will also be exposed to the strategies in conducting information searching, the criteria in evaluating resources as well as plagiarism.


Evaluating Resources


Criteria on evaluating websites.

Students will be able to find students will be able to find suitable resources from multiple sources (open access resource, databases, hybrid resources, etc).


Cite it Right!


Plagiarism, Citation and referencing.

Students will also be introduced to the plagiarism and referencing style that is accurate and suitable to be used for assignments/research.