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Staff Reimbursement Policy for Purchases of Library Resources

The Library realises that there may arise a need for academic staff to purchase materials outside of the normal acquisitions process, to be reimbursed at a later time. This may occur during conferences and trainings overseas and international travel

The following procedures are applicable and will be strictly enforced:

  1. Items that can be purchased are books and multimedia items.
  2. Books and materials purchased must be new without any markings or scribbled notes. Exceptions are made for rare and out-of-print books
  3. Avoid acquiring duplicates (materials of the same title, author, publisher, and version). Before making any purchase, please search the Taylor’s library online catalog: https://taylorslibrary.taylors.edu.my
  4. Items purchased must support the curriculum.
  5. Item that requires subscription is not allowed.
  6. The Library will only reimburse for items added to the library’s collection
  7. Staff cannot purchase items on behalf of others.
  8. If there is insufficient fund or a fund adjustment it will be conveyed to the Dean
  9. The limit to the amount staff can buy resources at any one time is RM3000.

Proof of Purchase

The receipt/Invoice with relevant information for all purchases must be presented as proof of purchase. It should include name of vendor and address, list of items purchased, prices for items and total sum and date of purchase.
Staff will submit the following to the respective campus library.

  1. A duly filled ‘Library Reimbursement Form’  approved by the Dean
  2. Items purchased 
  3. Proof of purchase (receipt, invoice etc.)


  • The reimbursement will be in Malaysian currency irrespective of which country the items were purchased.
  • The exchange rate will be taken as on the date of purchase.


This service is not intended to include items that have to be shipped that the library can normally purchase through regular channels. If unsure about this process or have any questions please contact librarian via acqlib@taylors.edu.my before purchasing.

The library will not process for reimbursement purchases that were not made in accordance with this policy or if no proof of purchase can be shown.