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General Information
Open Collaboration 1 and 2 has been converted to be used by student for their group discussion.
The Open Collaboration may be used for University and Academic events such as Convocations, or entertaining VIPs from the Ministry.
They may also be used for functions related to the internal affairs of the Library including:
a. Library Meetings
b. Library instruction courses
c. Staff development workshops and
d. Functions related to the Libraries' collections and programs, such as the scholarly or professional presentations, symposia and seminars.
The use of the Open Collaboration is permitted only during operating hours of the Library unless approval is otherwise given for special events such as University Convocation. Approval must be obtained from Head Librarian via email.

Food Policy

Coffee, tea and water may be served during any event. Serving Hot Food/complete meals such as lunch, dinner is strictly prohibited. Finger foods (that can be eaten without use of plates and cutlery) may be served.