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The Library’s rules and regulations are created to ensure equal access and service opportunity and to safeguard the academic interests of Taylor's staff and students.
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  • The content, including but not limited to any text, software, music, sound, photographs, video, graphics or other material in the webpage, is protected by copyrights. You may view the website and its contents using your own web-browser, save an electronic copy or print out a copy provided that:
    1. you do not modify the contents as it appears on the website.
    2. you do not reproduce, transmit, broadcast and adapt any part of the webpage for any purpose which is not expressly permitted.
    3. you do not use any information in the web-page for commercial use and/or personal gain.
    4. you accept that no ownership rights arises from downloading copyrighted material.
  • In compiling the information contained on, and accessed through, this website ("Information") TAYLOR’S has endeavoured to ensure that all information is correct as at the time of publication but takes no responsibility for any error, omission or defect therein. TAYLOR’S and its employees, agents and consultants exclude all liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of, or reliance on, the Information whether or not caused by any negligent act or omission. If any law prohibits the exclusion of such liability, TAYLOR’S limits its liability to the resupply of the Information.
  • Payment of TAYLOR’S invoices ("the Invoices") using the Service shall be made using the FPX Service and would additionally be subject to the terms and conditions of this service. Refer to FPX Terms & Conditions available at PayNet (formerly known as MyClear) website.
  • Payment will only be considered as being effected upon validation of the bank information committing to an appropriate amount, upon which event TAYLOR’S will charge your respective account for the appropriate amount.
  • Payment using Current Account/Saving Account (CASA) shall be made based on the limit stipulated below:
    1. Minimum of RM1.00 and not more than RM 30,000.00.
  • In the event you have insufficient funds for the transaction, the transaction shall be rejected.
  • The invoices once paid are non-transferable to any other TAYLOR’S account.
  • TAYLOR’S will not accept responsibility/liability for:
    1. the refusal of your bank to honour or accept your request for payment.
    2. the disclosure of your bank details to any unauthorized person.
    3. any unauthorized use of your bank details.
  • Any complaint must be resolved directly with your bank. Complaints must not be offset against TAYLOR’S and any payment to TAYLOR’S must not be withheld in the event of such complaints or under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • All payment transactions with regards to the Service are assumed to have been made by you and you will be held liable for all charges arising from such transactions, regardless of whether the transaction is authorized or unauthorized.

Note: Payments made may not be updated automatically; for more information, please call Taylor’s Library at +603 5629 5340 (during office hours) or email libraryenquiry@taylors.edu.my

Notice on Internet Risk: While TAYLOR’S is committed to maintain high security measures to ensure information provided via TAYLOR’ ONLINE is secure, users need to be aware of the inherent risks of conducting transactions through the internet. In order to safeguard and protect your privacy, do ensure that your browser is up to date and security patches are applied. As a precaution, you should always ensure that your computer is secured and protected against unauthorised access and viruses that may reveal your confidential information to third parties. Do not use links in email, instant message or chat to get to any website where the source of the message is suspect or might not be authentic or from an unknown sender/source.