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Request for an Inter Library Loan  


What is an Inter-library Loan?
Resource sharing from other libraries (external institutions) for books not available in Taylor's library collection. 


Who can request for Inter Library Loan?
Academic staff and Post- graduate.


Do I have to pay for Inter library Loan service?
There is no charge for this service.


How do I submit an Inter library Loan request?
Before submitting a request, please ensure that the item is not available in the Taylor`s library and databases.

If the item is not available, kindly fill up the Inter-Library Loan Request Form and send it to


When will the book arrive and how will I know it is here?
Once the form has been submitted, it will take around 3- 7 working days, however, some take 2-3 weeks depending on where the items is from. The requests are processed within 24 hours of receipt; however, we are constrained by the response time of the supplying centre / agent. The Library will notify you via email.


Where do I pick up the item(s) that I requested through Inter library Loan?
Items may be picked up at the Lending Services desk of your campus Library.


What is the loan period for item(s) borrowed through Inter library Loan?
The loan period is 2 weeks (14 days), however depending on the host library policy.


Where should I return the item(s) that I borrowed through Inter library Loan (ILL)?
You may return the item(s) at any of the Taylor’s libraries.

9.How to renew the item I have borrowed?
Please inform library staff in advanced via email to if you wish to renew the item, however depending on the host library policy.