Learning & Research Support - Consultation with Liaison Librarian

Are you having trouble with getting resources from the Library website? Do you need someone to help provide extra insights and options for your assignments/research?
Look no further, just book a session with your Liaison Librarian and ask away!

  1. Duration: One (1) hour per session.
  2. Students may arrange for a session with at least 2 or more group of students.
  3. Availability on the requested date and time will only be confirmed and/or notified through email by the respective Liaison Librarian      
  4. The Liaison Librarian will and may suggest an alternative date or time should they be unavailable on the requested date.
  5. Any unconfirmed sessions may be cancelled without prior notice.

Please refer to this list of Liaison Librarians for consultations, then fill up the simple form below to book a session:-

Step 1: Fill in the form below.
Step 2: Click on submit button.

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