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The Library’s rules and regulations are created to ensure equal access and service opportunity and to safeguard the academic interests of Taylor's staff and students.
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  • Silence must be maintained in areas designated as “Silence” and in any event noise should be kept to reasonable levels and as appropriate to the designated area.
  • ​Silence must be maintained in areas designated as “Silence” (Level 4 and 5 and Study Room @Taylor's and Elysian) and in any event noise should be kept to reasonable levels in areas designated as ‘Quiet’ (Level 3 & Level 2)
  • Food is strictly prohibited in the library. Food bought from café will be consumed in the room only.
  • Bottled water and drinks in sealed cups, may be consumed in the library but bringing drinks in the computer rooms or near the computers in the Library (Computer lab, Mac Lab, Computer kiosk, catalogue terminal) and Theatrette is strictly prohibited.
  • Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Library users are not permitted to make or take telephone calls within the library. Mobile phones shall be switched to silent mode at all times.
  • Moving library furniture from its designated place is strictly prohibited.
  • In line with Taylor’s University’s guidelines on dealing with Public Display of Affection (PDA - refers to demonstration of physical affection in public areas; examples include kissing, fondling and inappropriate sexualized gestures),  unacceptable public displays of affection can result in being asked to present your Student ID and being referred to Counselling and Psychological Services Centre(CPSC) for record purposes.
  • Sleeping in the Library is strictly prohibited. Students who are ill are advised to refer to Clinic located at Ground Floor, Syopz Mall for further action.
  • Doing project (involving cutting, gluing, assembling) and playing games/card/gambling or non-academic activity in Library are prohibited.
  • Strictly no pet allowed inside the Library