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Electric & Electronic Engineering
SCOPE:  This subject guides covers different types of resources such as books, encyclopedias, dictionary, study guides, e-books, recommended databases and more, specifically to guide students on studies related to Electric and Electronic Engineering such as Electromagnetism, Systems Engineering and Circuits and Insulation. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, remember to ask a librarian!

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Dictionaries & Encyclopedia
Unfamiliar Phrases and Concepts in your Reading List and Assignments Questions could make your life difficult. Look it up in a dictionary or encyclopedia first. These resources can help you out:
Electrical engineering - Dictionaries
Electronics - Dictionaries
Engineering - Encyclopedias
Electronic circuits - Encyclopedias
By giving you an overview of your topic, a handbook or a yearbook can tell you what’s new. You can find all kinds of facts, figures and precise information to add to your knowledge.
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Electronics - Handbooks, manuals, etc
Engineering economy - Handbooks, manuals, etc
Engineering mathematics - Handbooks, manuals, etc
Environmental engineering - Handbooks, manuals, etc
Experimental design - Handbooks, manuals, etc
By giving you an overview of your topic, a guides can tell you what’s new. You can find all kinds of facts, figures and precise information to add to your knowledge.
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Call Number

Use the search in the Library Catalogue. You can search using words like – tourist. You can also browse the Catalogue, or the shelves using the call numbers:
DDC Call Number ClassificationCall No.
Breakdown (Electricity)537.52
C (Computer program language)005.133 and 005.265
CAD/CAM systems--Congresses670.285
Computer interfaces621.3981
Computer-aided design620.00420285
Creative ability in technology608
Creative thinking153.35
Electric circuits621.3192
Electric insulators and insulation621.31937
Electrical engineering621.3
Electrical engineering - Mathematics621.30151
Electromagnetic fields530.141
Electromagnetic waves539.2
Electronic circuits621.3815
Electronic instruments621.38154 and 621.381548
Electronic measurements621.381548 and 681.2
Engineering design620.0042
Engineering economy658.15
Engineering graphics604.2
Engineering mathematics620.00151
Environmental engineering628
Experimental design519.5 and 001.434
Logic circuits621.395
Materials science620.11
Mathematical models511.8
Mathematical statistics - Tables519.50212
Microprocessors - Programming005.26
Power resources333.79
Project management658.404
Quality control658.562
Reliability (Engineering)620.00452
Signal processing621.3822
Structural analysis (Engineering)624.171 and 624.17
Sustainable development338.927 and 338.9
Switching circuits621.381537 and 621.3815372
System analysis003
Systems engineering620.001171
Total quality management658.562 and 658.4013
Verilog (Computer hardware description language)621.392