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Chemical Engineering
SCOPE:  This subject guides covers different types of resources such as books, encyclopedias, dictionary, study guides, e-books, recommended databases and more, specifically to guide students on studies related to Chemical Engineering such as Metallurgy, Production Engineering, Chemical Reactors, Process and Process Control. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, remember to ask a librarian!

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Dictionaries & Encyclopedia
Unfamiliar Phrases and Concepts in your Reading List and Assignments Questions could make your life difficult. Look it up in a dictionary or encyclopedia first. These resources can help you out:
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By giving you an overview of your topic, a guides can tell you what’s new. You can find all kinds of facts, figures and precise information to add to your knowledge.
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Look for Books

Books either from your Reading Lists, recommended by your Lecturer or through Bibliographic references could also be found at the Library.
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Chemistry, Analytic
Chemistry, Organic
Chemistry, Physical and theoretical
Chemical Technology
Chemistry, Technical
Chemical Engineering
Chemical engineering
Chemical industry
Chemical process control
Chemical processes
Chemical reactors
Coloring matter in food
Food industry and trade
Petroleum - Refining
Petroleum products
Petroleum reserves
Textile industry
Manufacturing processes
Production engineering

Call Number

Use the search in the Library Catalogue. You can search using words like – tourist. You can also browse the Catalogue, or the shelves using the call numbers:
DDC Call Number Classification Call No.
Ceramics 666
Chemical engineering 660
Chemical industry 660
Chemical process control 660.2815
Chemical processes 660.28
Chemical reactors 660.2832
Chemicals 540/660
Chemistry, Analytic 543
Chemistry, Organic 547
Chemistry, Physical and theoretical541
Chemistry, Technical 660
Coloring matter in food 664.062
Fermentation 664.024
Food industry and trade 664
Fuel 662.6
Manufacturing processes670
Metallurgy 669
Metals 546.3
Petroleum - Refining 665.5
Petroleum products 333.8232
Petroleum reserves 338.27282
Pigments 667.623
Plastics 668.4
Polymers 668.9
Production engineering 658.5
Textile industry 677