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Document Delivery Service
Document Delivery Service supports the needs of Taylor’s academic staff and post-graduate students’ engagement in teaching, learning and research activities. It is a service for requesting articles which is not held in Taylor’s Library collection. Thus, it is mandatory for the requestor to check and confirm that the article(s) requested is not available in Taylor’s Library collection.
Resources made available through this service include journal articles, conference papers, and book chapters. Document Delivery service is a service provided for academic staff and postgraduate students.
The service requires approval from the Dean for Academic Staff and recommendations from the Supervisor for post-graduate students. The cost charged by the host Library will be deducted from the schools’ budget allocated which has been approved by the Dean. The cost is inclusive of the copyright charges and price for downloading the article(s) especially for article(s) sourced from the British Library and local university libraries.  The cost charged is subject to the host library’s policy.
Steps in requesting for Document Delivery Service                    
1. It is mandatory for the requestor to check and confirm that the article(s) is not available in the Library’s collection using the MulT-Search platform.
2. If the full text of the article required is not available, then click on the link ‘Request the item through Document Delivery Service’.

2.1 Complete the details in the Document Delivery Form and click submit. All details are mandatory to be       completed by the requestor. A copy of the request made will be sent to academic staff and postgraduate student   Taylor’s registered email.
2.1.1    Academic Staff:
Send the completed form via email to Dean for approval.
2.1.2    Post-graduate student:
Send the completed form via email to your Supervisor for recommendation and copy the request to the Dean for approval
2.2 Forward the completed form with ‘approval email from Dean’ to Requestor is required to attach the approved email from the Dean.
3. If the article is not found via MulT-Search - either in full text or abstract- then you may further check the individual online databases and electronic journals.
3.1 If the required article is not found via MulT-Search or in any relevant databases or electronic journals, then go to the ‘Library Home page’, download and save the ‘Document Delivery Form’ which is available from the ‘Document Delivery’ page under ‘Services’.
3.2 Complete the details and send the request via email to  All details are mandatory to be completed by the requestor. Requestor is advised to provide as much information on the requested article.
3.3 Academic Staff:
Send the completed form via email to Dean for approval
3.4 Post-graduate student:
Send the completed form via email to Supervisor for recommendation and copy the request to the Dean for approval
3.5 Forward the completed form with approval to
Failing to obtain the approval from the respective approver will cause delay in processing the request.
Note: If the requested article is found within Taylor’s Library Collection or available via Open Source, the request will be rejected and requestor will be notified.
 Fulfillment of the Document Delivery Service 
The fulfillment of the request depends on the availability of material and copyright/publisher restrictions by the host library either sourced locally or from the British Library.
All requests are processed within 5 working days and library may require up to 45 days to fulfil the request. This is due to the request will be made to various institution and the delivery of the article depends on the response received from the host library. Requestor may tick the box ‘I agree with the Terms and Conditions’ while requesting for the article.
Library requires up to 14 working days to acquire the article from local universities and up to 45 days from the British Library. Beyond 45 working days, requestors will be informed of the status of their requests.
 Collecting the document
Articles are delivered electronically to the requestor’s registered Taylor’s email address with instructions on how to download the article together with the link to the article. If the article is received in hardcopy, then the article will be scanned and sent via email to requestor’s registered Taylor’s email.
Download instructions (applicable for article sourced from British Library)
1. Before downloading the article, ensure that the software ‘Digital Rights Management’ has been installed on your computer.
2. The article can be downloaded and printed ONCE only. Once you click download or print, it will not allow you to do so for the second time. The article must be downloaded within 30 days, after which it will be automatically removed. Failing to download the article within the timeline, you have to purchase the article on your own.
3. If Library receives the article in hardcopy, a scanned copy of the article will be sent to you via email on the same day.
If you have any questions or encounter any problems when using this service, please contact us at or call us at ext. 5316 during office hours

Copyright Declaration
All requests must comply with the copyright law of Malaysia as stated below. The copyright law of Malaysia (Copyright Act (Act (332) governs copyrighting and other productions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproductions. One of the specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not for:

1. Selling, letting for hire, or by way of trade, offering or exposing for sale or hire, the article

2.Distributing the article For the purpose of trade OR For any other purpose to the extent that it will affect prejudicially the owner of the copyright OR by way trade, exhibiting the article in public
Download Document Delivery Service Request Form
Right-click on the ‘Download’ button and choose ‘Save Link As’/’Save Target As’ to download the form.
Note: To view PDF format document, you must have the free Adobe Reader installed on your computer.