Services - Access to UM Library Resources
Effective January 2017, Taylor’s University, the organization, has registered for Library corporate membership with University Malaya (UM) Library. The choice for this membership is due to the huge collections of print and online resources that can benefit the organization staff, especially for lecturers to support their research activities.
Access is granted to the Main Library/Central Library. No access allowed to Law Library, Medical Library and Dental Library.

  • Privileged to loan all items except the following materials:
           1) Bound journals
           2) Reference materials
           3) Free reading materials
           4) Thesis collections
           5) Academic core collections
           6) 1st copy of the book/title
           7) Conference collections
           8) Statutes
           9) Loose leaf materials

The above items may be viewed on-site subject to UM policies
Overdue Fines
  • Fails to return borrowed materials within the stated period, fines of RM0.20 per day will be charged until the item is returned. RM0.20 per day will be charged for overdue items
  • Any lost or damaged item must be reported to Library immediately. Cost of the item will be bared by the borrower subject to UM Library policies. 
Access to Online Databases
  • Online databases subscribed by UM Library can only be accessed within the premises with a charge of RM10.60 per hour. UM LibraryHost Library will issue a receipt upon the payment.
  • During your visit, kindly inform the Librarian in-charge at the nearest desk (University Malaya) to use their computer terminal to get the temporary password to access the databases
  • Kindly adhere to the terms and conditions to download the articles from the online databases 
Reminder to members
  • Members are advised to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the UM Library to avoid any inconvenience in the future.