News & Events - 2017

Extension of Reserve Collection Borrowing Period
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Effective on 1st October 2017
The Library recently conducted a survey on students' satisfaction with the Reserve Collection. On the off-chance that some of you have never heard of it, this is a collection of heavily-used items which have been set aside to ensure equal access to high-demand materials such as text books and items on reading lists.
An overwhelming majority felt the current 2 hour loan period is insufficient. When so many come to a mutual agreement on something, how could we ignore it?
Thus, we've decided to extend the borrowing period to 3 days effective 1st October 2017. Second copy of the same title may be borrowed for 7 days. Any shorter, and we might as well have stuck with 2 hours. Any longer, and it defeats the purpose of having these high demand books on "reserve".
Kindly refer to printed receipt upon borrowing. Any late returned item will charge at RM0.50 per hour.
Do not hesitate to approach our desk or email us to if you need further information.
Please enjoy this privileges and let us know your feedback.