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Departmental Loan Policy  
  • Books are issued under Department’s name and not any individual.
  • Head of the department or a person appointed by the Head will be responsible for the management of the books issued to the department.
  • Books are issued for a period of 1 year.
  • Library will conduct an annual on-site stock check.
  • Books may be renewed upon request.
  • Annual publications such as UCAS publications are considered obsolete and need not be returned when the new edition is published.

Lost and Damaged Items

  • The Department is responsible for reporting on loss and damages to the books.
  • The lost and damaged items must be compensated either by replacing with a new copy or by paying the replacement costs.
  • ​The processing fee involve (per book)
  • ​Processing Fees: RM50.00
  • Current market price of the item.