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Tan Sri Loy Hean Heong (TSLHH) Library  


How do I enter Tan Sri Loy Hean Heong (TSLHH) Library?
Student and staff are required to tap their ID using the card reader to enter and exit the Library

Q2.How do I enter Taylor’s University Library?
Students need to scan your Student ID card at the auto gate at the Library entrance.


What is the operating hour at TSLHH Library?
TSLHH Library will be open from Mondays to Friday; 8.00am-6.00pm. It will be closed on weekends and public holidays.

Please refer to the latest schedule at the ‘About’ tab on ‘Opening Hours’.

Q4.Where can I go if I want to do my studies after Library closing?
Students can use the Study Room @Taylor’s next to the entrance of Taylor’s Library Lakeside Campus.


What are the Library services offered?
Similar Library services given at TSLHH Library will be offered to the students at Lakeside campus. Students will be able to access the library resources; both print and electronic through the library website. Taylor’s Catalogue terminal and kiosk is available for students to search Library resources.
There will be a self-service loan machine available at the Library for borrowing and a Book Return for students to return their books. For any enquiries about Library, students can use the Helpline provided at the Information Desk for assistance or through Skype with the librarians at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus library or approach the Librarians on duty at the Information Desk at Level 3.

Q6.Can I borrow Taylor's University books?
Yes, you can borrow item(s) from any books and media collection within Taylor’s Library collection, except for the SOM Clinical books. 
Q7.Are there any changes to my borrowing privileges in the new library?
There are no changes to the borrowing privileges for Taylor’s College (TC) students. 
Q8.What is a ‘self-service Library’?
TSLHH Library is a self-service Library, which enables students to use the Library independently. During the self-service hours, there is no staff in the library. The self-service hour will be advertised in the Library.
Library policy:
  1. Enter and exit the Library using a card reader
  2. Borrow and return print books using the Self-Loan and Book Returns machines
  3. Search print and e-resources through MulT-search and Taylor’s Catalogue
  4. Seek additional assistance from the Librarians through the Helpline, Skype and email
  5. Security is managed by the CCTV surveillance
  6. The TSLHH library will be deemed as ‘Silent Study Area’
Q9.I need to talk to a Library staff.
You may use the Helpline, Skype, email or meet the Library staff at the Taylor’s University Library Information or Lending Services Desk


How to book, a discussion room at Taylor’s University Lakeside campus Library?
Students are able to book the discussion rooms in Taylor’s University Lakeside campus. There are 14 discussion rooms, which are available for booking. The rooms come with various range of sizes; accommodating from four (4) to sixteen (16) packs at a time.
Firstly, students need to approach the Enquiry Desk at Level 2 to check for the availability of rooms in the stipulated computer. Next, after identifying the rooms needed, they can approach the library staff to request for the key once they have registered their particulars. All the students IDs will be taken for safekeeping. Duration of the booking is 2 hours.
For the Multimedia Media discussion rooms, you will be able to request for the HDMI cable at the same desk during the registration. As for discussion rooms with the Interactive White Board, students can request for the marker pens from Lending Services Desk.
Q11.Can I do printing in the new Library?
Students are advised to use their own laptops and mobile devices for wireless printing and the computer labs in the campus. There will be two (2) printers provided in the new TSLHH Library. There is also a Pay Station available in the Library to top-up your printing account. 
Q12.Where do I pay my fine?
Students will need to pay fines at the Lending Services desk, Taylor’s University Campus Library
Q13What other matters should I refer to the Lending Services Desk? 
  1. Please approach the Lending Services Desk if you have the following issues:
  2. Problem with borrowing and returning books via the Self Service Loans and Book Returns
  3. Paying fines or penalties for late returns
  4. Lost or damaged borrowed books
  5. Problem with your 'My Account'
Q14.Are there any special seating space given to Taylor’s college students at Taylor’s University library?
There will be no specific spaces for any students. Students can sit and study in any of the provided spaces in the different zoning areas. There will be Open Collaboration and lounge area for quiet discussion and leisure reading area. Level 4 and Level 5 are designated as a silent study area.