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Inter-Library Loan Policy  

1.    Definition

i) An inter-library loan is a transaction in which a library material is made available by one library to another upon request.
ii) Requestor – refers to the borrowing Library – the institution that requests to loan materials from other libraries.
iii) Host Library - refers to Taylor’s Library - Library that provides books for use outside the universities.
iv) SPP – Sistem Pembekalan Penerbitan (Publication Delivery System). This system is an extension of the inter-  library loan services. Through this system, required materials could be obtained from any of the participating institutions of this system. The National Library of Malaysia is the Coordinator of Publications Delivery System.
2.    Purpose
       The purpose of inter-library loan services is to provide materials from Taylor’s Library to other libraries.

3.    Scope    
       This service is offered to public and private institutions that have corporate membership to Sistem Pembekalan           Penerbitan. Taylor’s Library will lend materials to other libraries without charge.

Borrower’s Responsibilities
  • It is the responsibility of the borrowing library to check the holdings of Taylor’s Catalogue for the item before requesting it on interlibrary loan.
  • The borrowing library must send via email a duly filled SPP Form.  
  • The requestor will collect the item personally from Taylor’s Library. Items may be picked up between 9.00am-6.00pm, Monday through Friday. Requestor is required to sign an Interlibrary Loan Request Agreement Form for Taylor’s Library’s record. 
       Materials available for Loan 

       Only items from the Main Collection be borrowed and the following materials are not available for inter library               loan.

  • Reference books
  • Multimedia items
  • Titles in Reading Lists for courses taught at Taylor’s University & Taylor's College,
  • Reserve Collection items
  • Teaching Resource items
  • Any materials that Taylor’s Library determines will be in violation of copyright laws.
  • Journals
5.   Loan Period
      The loan period for interlibrary loans is 14 days.

6.   Processing Interlibrary Loan Requests
      Taylor’s library will process a request for Inter-library loan within three (3) working days. The email notification will 
      be sent to the Borrowing Library once the item is ready.

7.   Returning items
      The items may be returned in person or by post. If sent by post, the items must be wrapped in plastic and padded
      wrappers to protect from moisture and damage. It is the duty of the borrowing library to notify Taylor's Library via
      email on the returning of the item. Taylor's Library will reply to the borrowing library once the item arrived at the
      host university. Postage charges will be paid by the borrowing library. 

8.    Renewal
       Borrowing library has to notify Taylor’s Library to request for renewal a week before the due date (7     
       days). The loan will be extended to another 14 days if there is no hold on the book. Renewal is allowed once  

9.   Overdue
      It is responsibility of the Borrowing Library to return the item to Host Library before the due date. The Host Library        will send a notification email 3 days prior to the due date.  There are no fines levied for overdue items. However,          failure to return the items may result in the suspension of inter library loan privileges.
10.  Loss of library material
       It is a serious offence to mutilate damage, misplace or refuse to return library material. Underlining, marking,    
       folding of pages in the book etc. are strictly prohibited. Losses or damages must be reported promptly to Taylor’s
       Library. A replacement fee determined by the Taylor’s Library will be charged for damaged or
       lost books. The borrowing library will make good a loss or damage with a replacement copy (being the latest               edition at the time of loss) at its own expense, or undertake to pay the current market price of the latest edition
       of the lost item; in addition to RM50.00 processing fee and fines due till the day that the loss is reported.