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Policy for Filming in Taylor's Library

Permission may be granted to students of Taylor’s University who wish to film in the Library to fulfill course related assignments.

Students must complete and sign the Student Film Request Form and also complete a Release Form for each person participating in the session. Copies of the Request Form and Release Forms must be submitted via online form at least 5 working days in advance.

Upon approval these rules would apply:

  1. Filming and photography are permitted in the Library provided that such activity does not interfere with regular educational or research functions or previously scheduled events of the University and does not pose a security, health or safety risk.
  2. Any staff or student filming in the Library must do so for non–commercial, educational, administrative or academic/research course work purposes provided it is done unobtrusively without interrupting library patrons, programs or activities and does not require any special library services.
  3. Any student filming in the Library must undertake to leave the Library clean, and must abide by the Rules & Regulations of the Library and any instructions given by the librarian or staff overseeing the photo/video shoot.
  4. The person requesting permission undertakes to assume responsibility for costs associated with damage to the premises which occur as a result of the filming.
  5. Furniture arrangement is not allowed during the filming
  6. Any photography or videography that blocks library entrance, passages, and staircases is not allowed.
  7. Persons involved in the approved activity shall keep conversations as quiet as possible, turn cell phones off or to a non-noise setting, and not distract others in the library.
  8. Persons involved shall maintain the agreed upon time and schedule for the video recording/photo shoot.
  9. The videographers/photographers shall refrain from capturing video/photo images of library users who are not specified as part of the shoot for personal data protection purposes unless they have written authorization from them. 

Non- Taylor’s Requests
Requests for filming and photography in Taylor’s Library by or for organisations or individuals outside Taylor’s Community must be approved by the University’s Facilities Management. Kindly send the email to fmhelpdesk@taylors.edu.my

Requests from Institutions under Taylor’s Education Group 
Requests for filming and photography in Taylor’s Library by Departments or programmes in institutions under Taylor’s Education Group must be made through Head Librarian. Kindly send email to libraryenquiry@taylors.edu.my