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Taylor’s Library is primarily for use by students, faculty, staff and other members of the Taylor’s University and Taylor’s College. Researchers and scholars who are not members of the Taylor’s Community, however, may utilize the library's collections under the guidelines set forth below.
  • Access is limited to those above 15 years old
  • Visitors must register at the Enquiry Desk on a daily basis upon arrival and show a valid  IC or passport  to receive a visitor's pass for that day, which should be displayed while in the library
    • Permission to use the Library should be requested prior to visiting the Library
    • Requestor to request permission directly from the Head Librarian at libraryenquiry@taylors.edu.my
    • Permission is granted on a personal basis only and may not be used by or on behalf of anyone else
  • Visitors are responsible for complying with library rules and regulations and for losses incurred.​ https://taylorslibrary.taylors.edu.my/about/rules_regulations
    • Clause -  3.    Losses and Damages
    • Clause -  6.    Safety & Security
    • Clause -  7.    Behaviour and conduct
    • Clause -  9.    Emergency Situations
    • Clause -  10.  Copyright
    • Clause -  11.  Compliance with data protection
    • Clause -  12.  Notes
  • The Library reserves the right to deny use of individuals that abuse library privileges or in any way infringe priority rights of Taylor’s University’s staff and students.
  • Physical Library material may be used on-site only. No item may be borrowed.
  • Visitors are permitted to use the:
    • Taylor’s Catalogue terminal to access the physical  library resources.
    • Privileges do not include access to licensed electronic material (i.e. Online databases and e-journals)
  • The following services and facilities are not extended to visitors:
    • Reserve collections
    • Multimedia collections
    • Photocopying and printing facilities
    • Reference services
    • Document delivery services
    • Inter-library loan services
    • Access to discussion rooms, Study Room @ Taylor's study area, Elysian and meeting room
    • Access to Computers and Computer lab
    • Connections to the Taylor’s computer network via a personal computer or laptop computer, or portable handheld device

Note: The library is not staffed to provide dedicated customer service or support to outside researchers. All library users are expected to be considerate of others and adhere to the policies of Taylor’s Library.