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General Acquisitions Policies: Gifts in Kind
The Taylor’s Library gratefully accepts gifts and contributions for the development of its collections. Especially valuable are books and journals that fill existing gaps and support the curriculum, as well as rare books, scholarly works, or works on little-known topics that would enhance our academic collection. Gifts are treated as new acquisitions and thus are evaluated by the same standards applied to new purchases to safeguard quality, consistency, and relevance to the needs of the students

Guidelines for Donating Material:
Library accepts gifts and acknowledges the donation by using the Gift Acceptance Form via TEG Connect

The library accepts:

  • Latest editions of academic materials in any subject areas that support the current curricula
  • Materials that support the research needs of faculty
  • Fiction
  • Literature titles
  • Duplicate copies or updated editions in better condition than current library holdings

The library does not accept:

  • Items in poor condition
  • Photocopies & highlighted copy
  • Items in outdated formats
  • Outdated textbooks
  • Back issues of journals (issues should have continuation)
  • Items that have issues with copyright law or licensing agreements

Other factors such as copyright law, licensing agreements, space limitations and processing costs may prevent acceptance of certain gifts.

Agreements with potential donors must be made through the Lending Services Librarian. The donor to provide a list of materials itemized by author, title, publisher and date. The librarians will evaluate the collections to select materials suitable for the library.

The library reserves the right to accept or decline any gift. In this regard, the library may not return unselected items to donors unless it has been arranged in advance. Gift-in-kind are accepted only with the understanding that once accepted, they are wholly owned by the -library. The library will use, keep, or appropriately dispose of gifts-in-kind at its discretion
Since all gift materials that are added to the main collection are shelved in the appropriate subject classification, the library cannot maintain separate named collections. All accepted gift item(s) will be catalogued using Library of Congress Subject Headings and according to the Dewey Decimal Classification number. Therefore, Library is unable to create separate shelve for gift items. Instead, the donors name is included in the Library System.

Acknowledgement letter will be sent to the donor upon request.