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Taylor’s Library supports students and researches through the transformative power of information, discovery and learning. The Library system is comprised of a world-class University Library and Clinical School Library. Collections include an extensive collection of eBooks, print books and online resources. We offer a modern study area for individual or group study and resources that is available online, 24/7 either on campus or worldwide accessible with your login ID. Our team of information experts can assist you with query related to Library services and resources. In addition, our customised Information Literacy module will equip you with the discovery of information, learning and research.

TCS Library
This library was first established as Taylor’s Clinical School Library in 2012 at Wad 9D at, Hospital Sungai Buloh . It moved to Block A, 2nd Floor in 2014. Today, this library serves the Clinical Students from Year 3 onwards for the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery programme and Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) at 2nd Floor, LGSB (Light Grey Sg Buloh), nearby the Sg Buloh Hospital.