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What happens if I lose an item that I have borrowed?
When you report an item missing or lost, we will start a search in the Library for it. If it is not found after 14 days after the report was made, we will inform you of the replacement costs which includes book price, any fines owing on the item and a processing fee of RM50.00. Once you have paid the costs, we will clear your record.

For student,the amount fined on the item will be stopped on the day you report it lost. Fines will accumulate on your record and may be payable if the item is returned after this date.


What happens if I find the item?
If the item is found, overdue fines are payable on it, up to the day it is checked in to the Library. The processing fee and book price will be removed from your account. 


What if I've found the item after I've paid the replacement costs?
Unfortunately, the Library will not be able to refund the replacement costs. If you have any queries please contact the staff at the Lending Services Desk.


Can I just replace the lost item?
Yes, you may choose to replace an item you have lost or damaged with an acceptable replacement.You can only replace a book in print with:

  • Same title that is new in condition.
  • A new book of the same edition or latest edition, not an earlier edition.
However, the processing fee of RM50 will be included for the payment even though you have replace the book.