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What is Document Delivery Service?
Document Delivery Service supports the needs of academic staff and postgraduate engaged in teaching, learning and research activities. It is a service for requesting for articles not held by Taylor’s Library. Resources made available through this service include journal articles, conference papers, and book chapters.


How to make a Document Delivery request?
Once you have identified the article you require and have made sure that it is not available in the Library’s collection, you may submit a Document Delivery Form which is available from the Taylor’s Library Website or fill up the details after you click on Request this item through Document Delivery Services.


How do I fill-up the form?
If the required article is not found, go to Home page, download and save the Document Delivery Form which is available from the ‘Document Delivery’ page under ‘Services’ or you may find it from e-Forms tab at the bottom of the Homepage.

Fill in the details and send via email to docdel@taylors.edu.my.  Give as much information about the item and   if possible say where you found the reference


How long will it take for the item(s) to arrive?
The fulfillment of the request is dependent on the availability of material and copyright/publisher restrictions.Delivery times vary depending on the type of item requested, location of the supplying library and delivery method. All requests are processed within 5 working days and library may require up to 45 days to fulfill. Beyond 45 working days, requestors will be informed of the status of their requests.


Where do I collect the document?
Articles are delivered electronically to the requestor’s registered Taylor’s email address with instructions on how to download the article together with the link to the article.

If Library receives the article in hardcopy, a scanned copy of the article will be sent to you via email on the same day.


How much does the Document Delivery Service cost?
The service requires approval from the Head of School for Academic Staff and recommendations from the Supervisor for post-graduate. The cost charged by the host Library will be deducted from the schools’ budget allocated which has been approved by the Head of School. The cost is inclusive of the copyright charges and price for downloading the article(s) especially for article(s) sourced from the British Library and local university libraries.  The cost charged is subject to the host library’s policy.